More of Wixoss Card-Game Anime to Air in the Fall

The final episode of the Selector Infected Wixoss anime premiered on Thursday with an announcement that Selector Spread Wixoss will premiere on television this fall.

The tagline of Selector Infected Wixoss is:


Hope, desire, greed.Girls with each of these feelings in their hearts are being swallowed into the vortex of a dangerous game…

In the story, WIXOSS is a hugely popular card game, particularly among middle school children. But few know of LRIG Cards, “the female cards who possess their own will.” Only special girls can hear the voice of LRIG, and those who possess these cards are called selectors.


A Girl prayed to fulfill her wish.
Scattered strange gene “wixoss”
all around the world [fused] into one form.
Searching in vain for a fight…
Victory will be the only way for her
wish to [revolutionize].
Now, shall her “Wish Across” be conquered.Takuya Satō (Steins;GateArmitage IIISay, “I Love You”.Strawberry Marshmallow) directed theSelector Infected Wixoss anime at J.C. StaffMari Okada (anohanaHana-Saku IrohaAmazing Twins) was in charge of the series scripts, based on an original story by LRIG (Warner Entertainment Japan,Takara TomyJ.C. Staff). Kyuta Sakai (When They Cry – HigurashiSteins;GateStrawberry Marshmallow) designed the characters, and Yoshikazu Iwanami directed the sound. Maiko Iuchi (A Certain Magical Index , Dog DaysWaiting in the Summer) composed the music, while Wakeshima (Vampire KnightTo Love-Ru -Trouble- DarknessStrike the Blood) contributed the opening theme song. Kentaro Akiyama (Studio Pablo) was the art director, and Yukiko Itou was the color key artist.Shingo Fukuyo was the director of photography, and Masahiro Goto (REAL-T) edited the series.

The toy and game maker Takara Tomy launched the WIXOSS (pronounced like “wi-cross”) card game in April.

The series premiered on April 3, and North American anime distributor FUNimation Entertainmentstreamed the first season as it aired in Japan.


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