New Hyrule Warriors Videos Preview Link’s Staff, Impa’s Broad Sword

Japanese Treasure Box edition of game comes with Triforce alarm clock, “Scarf of Courage,” treasure box jewelry box that makes sounds

The official website for the Zelda Musō (Hyrule Warriors) Wii U video game began streaming two videos previewing characters in battle. The videos that have been unveiled are ones of Link’s staff and Impa’s broad sword.

The game is slated to ship on September 26 in North America and August 14 in Japan. The game willship in Japan in three versions: A normal version for 7,389 yen (about US$74), a premium box containing an official book of art and settings, a Triforce alarm clock, a set of three types of “Courage” in-game costumes, and a set of three “Wisdom” in-game costumes for the price of 10,800 yen (about US$108), and a Treasure Box containing all of the contents of the premium box, as well as two in-game “Power” costumes”, a real “Scarf of Courage,” and a treasure box-styled jewelry box that makes sounds.


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