Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U’s Gameplay Previewed in Video

Neptunia’s first action game featuring new characters Famitsu, Dengekiko

The official website for the Chōjigen Action Neptune U (Hyperdimensional Action Neptunia U) action PlayStation Vita game began streaming a new promotional movie on Tuesday.

The video begins by proclaiming that the Neptunia franchise finally has an action game. After introducing the story and characters with the accompaniment of the theme song “Venus no Harmonia” (Harmony of Venus) by Asami Imai (Noire/Black Heart in the Neptunia franchise), the video previews the gameplay. Players can fight monsters solo or with dual characters, experience “costume break” (losing their outfits in battle), use familiar elements from the franchise such as transformation and EXE Drive in a new fast-paced action system, and use new playable characters (Dengekiko and Famitsu).

Characters Neptune/Purple Heart (Rie Tanaka), Noire/Black Heart (Asami Imai), Blanc/White Heart (Kana Asumi), and Vert/Green Heart (Rina Satou) are returning for the game.

The game will debut on August 28 for 6,458 yen (about US$63) for the regular edition, 8,610 yen (US$85) for the limited edition, and 5,600 yen (US$55) for the download version. The limited edition will include two drama CDs and a “hyperdimension cleaner cloth.” People who pre-order will receive a produce code card to obtain the “Wakuwaku!! Swimsuit Set.”


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