Viz’s Shonen Jump to Publish Rurouni Kenshin’s Shishio Spinoff

2-chapter manga tells story of how Shishio Makoto & Yumi Komagata met

The July 14 issue of Viz‘s English Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine will publish the first chapter of Nobuhiro Watsuki‘s “Honō wo Suberu –Rurouni Kenshin: Uramaku-” (Controlling Flame –Rurouni Kenshin: Hidden Chapter-) spinoff manga. The second and final chapter will run about one month later.

The two-chapter manga tells the story of how Shishio Makoto and Yumi Komagata met. The manga also tells the secret of how Shishio formed his organization, the Juppongatana. Shueisha published the first chapter in the August issue of Jump SQ. on Friday.

Shueisha revealed the manga in the June issue of Jump SQ. The tagline on the announcement read: “The flag-raising of the evil that evil fell in love with is finally being revealed.” Watsuki is penning the all-new work to accompany the two live-action films that are slated to open on August 1 and September 13 in Japan.

Novelist Kaworu Kurosaki had revealed at Otakon Las Vegas in January that her husband Watsuki is penning a manga about enemy characters.

Watsuki is put his Embalming manga on hiatus to draw the new manga, and he plans to resume the series with the start of the final arc this fall.


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