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Newest Teaser For The Second Season of Noragami

A lot of people are waiting for this. Some of them literally threw some yen on their screen wishing Yato would appear again for a second season.  Well, the official website of the Noragami has streamed a new teaser for the second season. The teaser used images from the manga where this anime is based on. The teaser hinted that they will adapt the Bishamon arc for the next season. Enjoy!


“Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis” Second Season Confirmed

After a concert featuring Rage of Bahamut – Genesis music lead by Yoshihiro Ike, with vocals by voice actress/end theme performer Risa Shimizu, a second anime adaptation of the card battle mobile game was announced.

Last December, after Shingeki no Bahamut’s episode finale was aired, they tweeted a hint there might be more to come.

Last April 29,  the OST of the series’ music was released along with an art book of production material, visuals and end cards.

“God Eater” Anime New Visuals Released

After the presentation at this weekend’s Machi ★ Asobi event, a site for summer’s TV anime adaptation of Bandai Namco Games’  God Eater launched a new visual featuring an original male lead Renka Utsugi, paired with a game original chracter, Alisa Illinichina Amiella.  Takayuki Hirao, who worked on games as well and with the fifth Garden of Sinners movie and Gyo OVA, will lead the production. While Tetsuya Takeuchi, Sword Art Online II’s action animation director, did character designs on the earlier promo video. Fate/zero‘s animator Keita Shimizu will be in charge for the series. Gyo‘s Go Shiina will be handling the music.


  • Original: Namco Bandai Entertainment
  • Director, Sound Director: Takayuki Hirao
  • Character Design: Keita Shimizu
  • Art Director: Masaru Yanaka
  • Color Design: Emi Chiba
  • Director of Photography: Seiji Matsuda
  • CG Director: Takizawa Masato
  • Editor: Tsuyoshi Imai
  • Music Producer: Go Shiina
  • Production: ufotable
  • Theme: OLDCODEX


  • Renka Utsugi – Ryūichi Kijima
  • Lindow Amamiya – Hiroaki Hirata
  • Soma Schicksal – Kazuya Nakai
  • Sakuya Tachibana – Sayaka Ohara
  • Kota Fujiki – Daisuke Sakaguchi
  • Alisa Illinichina Amiella – Maaya Sakamoto


Singapore Landmarks Featured on Plastic Memories

This is not rare but another anime again tries to recreate real life locations on their show. These pictures was originally posted on reddit, in which a user compared scenes spotted on the television series to real life places in Singapore.

Here are some of the places in Singapore that are featured in the show.

Hong Lim Complex


Hong Lim Complex in <i>Plastic Memories</i> anime (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Hong Lim Complex (Photo taken from: reddit)Hong Lim Complex (Photo taken from: reddit)

Chinatown MRT station


Chinatown MRT in<i> Plastic Memories</i> anime (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Chinatown MRT (Photo taken from: reddit)Chinatown MRT (Photo taken from: reddit)

Orchard Road, outside Wheelock Place


Orchard Road in <i>Plastic Memories</i> (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Orchard Road (Photo taken from: reddit)Orchard Road (Photo taken from: reddit)

Club Street, L’Angelus


Club Street, L'Angelus in <i>Plastic</i> <i>Memories</i> anime (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Club Street, L'Angelus (Photo taken from: reddit)Club Street, L’Angelus (Photo taken from: reddit)

Plastic Memories is a science-fiction series, set in the future, where androids that look exactly like humans begin to spread across the world. These androids have emotional, human-like qualities. However, due to limitations in technology, these androids have a service life and once that life is over, the android will go through technical changes. As such, a terminating service is created to retrieve all the androids that are nearing, or have gone, past their service life.

With Singapore’s high-rise buildings, modern infrastructure, and their nation’s plan to become a Smart Nation, this depiction hits quite close to their home.

Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend Gets A 2nd Season

Followed by the release of the PS Vita game based on the anime last week, the sequel of the popular anime adaptation of Fumiaki Maruto‘s Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata was announced. It was announced by the staff and cast last Sunday at an event for the series that the sequel was green-lit. The announcement was confirmed on the official website. Although it was confirmed, no schedule for the airing date was announced.


The first season was aired last January 2015 on Fuji TV‘s Noitamina programming block. Aniplex of America licensed the series, and streamed it on Aniplex Channel, Crunchyroll, and Hulu as it aired.

The life of Tomoyo Aki, a highschool otaku working part time to support his BD hoarding. With remarkable luck, he bumps head-first into, Megumi Kato, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Naturally, the meeting twists his life into a complicated torrent of relationships. Eriri Spencer Sawamura, his half-foreigner childhood friend who’s always valued her relationship with MC. Kasumigaoka Utaha, a cold, composed renowned literary genius who shoves everyone aside from our protagonist. What is this? An eroge introduction?

The tale of a small not quite doujin circle, but not quite indie studio’s journey through the tough territory of comiket and beyond. (MyAnimeList)

Saekano -belssing flowers- PS Vita Game: Megumi Kato Test Scene Streamed

The official website of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend -blessing flowers- released the fifth test scene of the game for PlayStation Vita. The video focuses on a park scene with Megumi Katō (voiced by Kiyono Yasuno).

The game utilizes Live 2D software that moves characters with CGI but retains their two-dimensional look.

Players take on the role of the protagonist Tomoya Aki (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) to “raise” a heroine of their choosing for a doujin game. At certain points in the game, the heroines will clash over issues and the player will have to decide which opinion to support. The heroines include:

Here are the other test scenes for the other heroines as well.

Utaha Kasumigaoka (Ai Kayano)

Michiru Hyōdō (Sayuri Yahagi)

Eriri Spencer Sawamura (Saori Ōnishi)

The game shipped in Japan on April 30. A limited edition with an original soundtrack CD and a B2-size cloth poster retails for 8,800 yen (about US$74), a regular edition for 6,800 yen (US$57), and a download edition for 6,000 yen (US$51). The first copies of all editions include a download code for an original custom PS Vita theme.

Dragon Ball Super TV Series Update: TV Producers Teases The Fans With An Enemy Stronger Than Frieza

Within a few months, Dragon Ball Super TV series will finally air this July. A lot of people are excited for this and eagerly waiting since the announcement. Even Masako Nozawa, who voices over Goku, Goten and Gohan, is ecstatic. Anime News Network quotes the Japanese voice actress, “We’ve always used the word ‘cho’ (Super) with Dragon Ball in commercials, games and the like, but the fact that the series titled Dragon Ball Super is beginning is the best thing ever.”

On the first announcement,  they said that the time setting of Dragon Ball Super will be several years after Majin Buu was defeated, where the main characters reunite to keep on finding ways to keep peace on Earth. But, a lot of fans are still wondering what will be the plot of this new TV Series. The producer of Fuji TV, Osama Nozaki stated that, “As I read the plot I’ve already received from Akira Toriyama, my dreams for this begin to expand. An enemy even stronger than Buu or Freiza may appear…”

They are pretty confident that this will not only attract the ones who have been loyal to Dragon Ball, but the new generation as well.

Dragon Ball Super is scheduled on July, every Sunday at 9am, on Fuji TV and a few other channels.


How Hard Is It To Be An Animator in Japan?

This topic suddenly came to my mind and decided to do a couple of research regarding this topic to write an article. Here’s what I found out:

Being an animator in Japan is ruthless.

Making it to the animation industry is hard. Very hard. Only tough fellows makes it to the top to join them. One proof is Henry Thurlow , an American animator who successfully made it to the Japanese animation industry. Before this, he sends his resume to several animation studios and finally entered a small studio before transferring to Studio Pierrot.

So far, Thurlow has worked on Akatsuki no Yona, Tokyo Ghoul, and The Last-Naruto The Movie. All of them are big titles that you might be thinking that he must be really living his dream and receives a lot of money for being a part of their team. Artistically speaking, yes, he is.

Thurlow posted a Reddit thread where people can ask him how is to be on the animation industry. Here are a few question he answered:

Was it difficult to move to Japan? Such as in living there, getting around, and how different is the working world over there compared to the US?

Getting directly to Japan as an animator would be very difficult. I came to Japan first as an English teacher, learned the language a bit, and then apply for anime studios after being here a couple of years. Thats probably the best way to it in my opinion. During that time as an English teacher you can also nice and slowly get used to the cultural differences and get used to the subway system etc. It doesn’t take too long to get used to everything to be honest (at least that was my experience) … half a year maybe … and then “getting around” and stuff like that is no problem.

Were you met with a lot of resistance in getting work due to be being a foreigner?

“Most of these studios have never even had a single foreigner work for them in the past, so less then being “opposed to foreigners” … I think they just assume “hey wait, if we hire a foreigner wont we have to worry about language barriers, and supporting their visa, etc …. seems like a hassle. lets not even have them in for an interview in the first place.”

How is the pay/hour?

The pay/hours change depending on who you are and what your job is. The best position (which only the best of the best can manage) is “freelance genga-man aka freelance key-frame animator” … you can demand your own prices and actually take time off after project if you want. For everyone else (and definitely for inbetween artists like me), its as bad as the rumors. I worked at a slave-labor-in between-studio called “nakamura pro” for 8 months before moving onto Pierrot which is where I am now. At Nakamura pro we were paid $1 per drawing, meaning you earned between $5 and $25 a day. At Pierrot it`s way better… but still pretty bad. 1 drawing = $2-$4 …. so on any given day I can earn about $40. (HORRIBLE by anyone’s standards…. but, if you want to work on cool anime, there’s not much choice.)

…Each month at Pierrot I earn about $1000. …… each month at my previous “slave-labor” studio, I earned about $300 a month…

Buzzfeed interviewed him and stated that:

“Let’s just be clear: It’s not a ‘tough’ industry… It’s an ‘illegally harsh’ industry. They don’t pay you even remotely minimum wage, they overwork you to the point where people are vomiting at work and having to go to the hospital for medicine. They demand that you come in whenever they realize a deadline isn’t going to be met. That probably means about a month and a half of nonstop work without a single day off. Then you will be allowed to go back to your regular six-day work weeks of 10-hour days.”

“No one talks, or gets lunch together or anything. They just sit and work in complete silence and seem uninterested in changing this.”

Despite of his low salary and never-ending work schedule that caused Thurlow to go to the hospital for three times for exhaustion and illness, he stated that:

“Keep in mind all of this hard work was essentially all for the sake of simply being involved in and credited in the animation projects I love.”

It’s all for the art. He spends his free time animating his own short film project entitled Judgement and Justice. This is where he depicst his anger and frustration of his life in Japan.

Now, let’s look deeper into the animation industry. How do they hire new animators?

One of the most amazing test that I’ve seen so far belongs to Toei Animation. Toei is one of the biggest animation company in Japan and where some famous illustrators like Hayao Miyazaki started.

Below, you can see a drawing that, according to a 2ch user, has appeared on the studio’s employee entrance exam.

Becoming a Japanese Animator Is Hard

The applicants was given 2 hours to finish the test with 4-5 drawings only.

Seems easy, no? But as famed animator Yasuo Otsuka, who worked at Toei Animation as well as Studio Ghibli, explained in a 2002 documentary, it’s deceptively hard.

Nevertheless, it’s all about art and passion. Even if you experience pain, receive low salary and several hardships, as long as it is your passion and you enjoy it, it will be all worth it.

After 18 Years, A New Dragon Ball TV Series Will Air This Summer 2015

After the success of several Dragon Ball films, Toei animation developed a new Dragon Ball TV series entitle Dragon Ball Super after more than 18 years. The new anime series will be supervised by Akira Toriyama himself, the man behind the first manga that inspired the first TV series. Dragon Ball Super will air on Fuji TV in Japan this Summer, July 2015. Goku’s original seiyuu, Masako Nozawa will reprise her role on this series.The story will take place after the Majin Buu Saga as Goku maintains the peace of Earth.

Recently, the 15th Dragon Ball Z Film was released entitled Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

An Earth where peace has arrived. However, remnants of Frieza’s army Sorbet and Tagoma (from the Japanese word for ‘egg’) arrive on the planet. Their goal is to revive Frieza with the dragon balls. Their dastardly wish is granted, the “F” that plans its revenge against the Saiyans is revived…!

(Source: MAL)

Love Live! Sunshine Character Profiles and Backstories

I saw a bunch of tweets regarding the character seiyuus and profiles on twitter. Luckily I found a reliable translation of the character profiles.

Anju Inami as Chika Takami: Youngest of three sisters, a fan of μ’s, and the leader of her school idol unit. Her family runs an inn, which boasts an open air bath with a view of the sea. A second year student.

Hello! I’m Chika Takami, and I’m a second-year student in Ura no Hoshi Girls Academy in Uchiura, which is right here at Suruga Bay in Shizuoka prefecture. At first, being an idol seemed like a world so far away from us living in the countryside, so we thought we should give up before we tried. But school idol group μ’s taught me that if you don’t give up your dreams will come true. Everyone might laugh, but I’m serious about this. I want to get even just a little bit closer to the shining μ’s I look up to so much. Obviously I know it’s probably a really rash thing to do, but… I’ve really got nothing to lose by trying. Because Honoka said if you don’t try anything nothing will start, we daringly took the first step.

Rikako Aida as Riko Sakurauchi: A second year who originally lived in Akihabara, Tokyo, but transferred to Uchiura. A plain girl, with a withdrawn personality. Good at art, and prefers the indoors. She became a school idol due to Chika’s influence.

I’m Riko Sakurauchi, a second year at Ura no Hoshi Girls Academy. I just transferred schools from the city, but really I’m an ordinary high school girl with a quiet personality. How many times have I said that? Chika didn’t really believe that, and she pulled me into this whole thing until, before I knew it, I became a school idol. Which is why I don’t really have confidence that I’ll make it as an idol, but if I could get just a little stronger to to help everyone who is relying on me, even just a little bit, that’d be okay for me. The first time I came to this school in the middle of orange country, it was surprise after surprise, but I’ve really come to like it here. Everyone gave me this really special place, and my dream is to make their dreams happen. I feel like I first learned that way of doing things when I came here.

Nanaka Suwa as Kanan Matsuura: A third year who lives with and runs a diving store with her grandfather on a nearby island. She is childhood friends with Chika, and became a school idol to help her with her plans.

I’m Kanan Matsuura. I’m in third year high school, and I help out at our family’s diving shop at the beach here in Uchiura. Uchiura prides itself on its green mountains, blue seas, sky as far as they eye can see, dazzling sunlight and white clouds. Just looking at that beautiful scenery every day is enough to make me happy. Ah, but to add to that, there’s also my close childhood friend… wait, I wonder if Chika will be mad if I put that in? Hehe. My childhood friend Chika’s worrisome personality is a little immature, but her incredible cheerfulness and quirky way of thinking makes her stand out. I think she’s up to something weird again lately. Anyway, while I’m being swept up by the waves, without thinking of anything I just swim straight ahead, and my mind just becomes really empty. Well, for now, I just feel like I should be helping my cute childhood friend’s plan. Weird, isn’t it?

Arisa Komiya as Dia Kurosawa: A second-year girl hailing from a well-known local clan. Became student council president as a matter of course. Prideful and cool. In her profile, she mentions that Chika will regret putting her in her team, as she is not the kind of person who accepts defeat. The word Dia means “diamond” in the Japanese language.

The truth is that it would be impossible to see me involved in such a shameful act as being a school idol, it’s just that I lost a contest. And they have my younger sister as a hostage, too. So I have decided to join Love Live!. However, more than just participating, I will accept nothing less than total victory. After all, it’s not becoming for a daughter of the Kurosawa family to have two failures. I’ll make you regret making me a member. Prepare yourself, Chika. Fufu.

Shuka Saitō as Yō Watanabe: A first year and high diver skilled enough to be on the national team. Likes business attire. Dreams of captaining her own ferry.

I’m Yō Watanabe, Ura no Hoshi Girls Academy, Class 1, number 26. My special skills are high diving and weather forecasts. My signature move is a reverse three and a half tucked somersault! That’s all!!! …wait that’s bad, but I can’t say anything else about me! What do I do? Maybe I’m not cut out to be an idol after all. Um, I guess I do daily exercises and running, and I want to follow in my father’s footsteps and be a ferry captain. Hmm, I wonder if this is fine? Man, I’m way not used to the way idols introduce themselves, but oh well! I actually found singing and dancing pretty fun when I tried them, and playing as a team is fun too! Well then, Yō Watanabe is embarking towards Love Live! Set sail!! Salute!!!

Aika Kobayashi as Yoshiko Tsushima: Consistently has bad luck, so she thinks of herself as a demon, though is very prideful in this fact. A second year student born in Numazu City. Hates mikan (citrus unshiu, a variation of orange.) She insists on being called “Johanne” instead of her real name, Yoshiko.

Just from gazing upon Johanne’s eyes, you have fallen hopelessly in love. I am Tsuhima YoshikoJohanne, the fallen angel who will send you down to the inferno of love, where the flames burn eternal. Hey, did you know? I’m really a demon. After all, when I go for a walk, it always rains. When it snows, I always trip. I’ve never won a convenience store raffle in my life. And I got the flu right before finals. This bad luck isn’t just coincidence. I feel the anger of god as a sinful fallen angel because I’m far too cute. Well? Why don’t you join me and fall from heaven too? I promise it’ll be fun.

Kanako Takatsuki as Hanamaru Kunikida: A first year student and daughter of a family that has taken care of a local shrine for generations. Good at singing, and a member of a local choir. Loves to read, and get’s dizzy easily.

I never thought I’d be a school idol, but my friend Ruby just won’t stop bothering me about it. I think this is what they call destiny, and I’ll do my best! I mean, I’m sure if I gathered up all the good things in the world, even if I were reborn, I’d still be having fun together with Ruby. I probably say that because I listen to my grandfather in the temple too much. Ehehe. I was born into a family that takes care of a temple, but I still always think about my books. And that wherever you go and whoever you talk to, in the end, people are all alone. I wish there was at least one person who understood what I felt about that.

Aina Suzuki as Mari Ohara: A half-Japanese third year girl whose Italy-based French father manages a chain of Italian-style hotels. She has a bright personality and moves at her own pace.

Huh? Me? An idol? You mean those funny girls who wear uniforms with frills and dance like children!? Oh, excuse me, I didn’t mean to demean them. They’re very cute. I think the same of Japanese idols. But, for me, I think it’s hard. SO HARD. No, I don’t feel it’s for me. Ahahaha. My favorite music genre is industrial metal. So I’m sorry. If everyone’s doing it, I’ll support them from afar. Well then, it’s time for my horseback riding lessons, so I have to get back home. Ciao~!

Ai Furihata as Ruby Kurosawa: A first year who’s prone to crying, and has a phobia of men. Dia’s younger sister. Sewing is her sole forte.

H-h-h-h-h-h-hello, everyone! M, my name is K-Kurosawa Ruby, and… I–I’m sorry, I was too nervous that I stuttered. Oh, what should I do, what should I do. I don’t know anymore. Oh, um, the truth is, I’ve never talked to a man before apart from my father. That’s why I’m really, really bad with boys, but I really, really love idols, and want to be one. I never thought I’d be an idol in all my life, but I won’t let this chance slip past me. That’s why I’m really nervous today, but I’m going to close my eyes and do my best! I’m really scared right now, but I love everyone. Everyone, please support me!


A teaser was revealed last February and as of now, there are no announcements yet about the schedule of LL! Sunshine’s airing date.

This is a sequel to the 2012 anime series, Love Live! that released its second season last 2013. A film will premiere in Japan on June 13, and in theaters outside Japan starting in August until around October.