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Ozine Fest 2014 Review

Well, it’s already late but I’ll still post this since I haven’t posted anything yet under my events page.

Ozine Fest 2014 started from April 25 until April 27 for 3 days. Luckily, this year, I was able to attend the event for 2 days from 26 (Day 2) to 27 (Day 3). I wasn’t able to experience the whole event to it’s finest since I was short in cash this year plus the unaannounced price increase of the tickets which made me irritated during Day 2. We were forced to form a line around the whole SMX since there are a lot of people attending the event. Now, let’s discuss all the things regarding the event.

1. Venue

Well, it’s ag ood thing that the chosen venue this time was MOA SMX unlike the past years where they always use SM North EDSA. Choosing MOA SMX was a good idea since they have bigger space that can accumulate more event goers unlike SM North EDSA. Ozine Fest occupied two functions halls. The first function hall holds the events and booths while the other one holds the cosplayers. On Day 3, severals problems occured since the security of the venue are short tempered that’s why many of the event goers called this year’s Ozine Fest the “worst”. The organizer failed to handle the event goers at every aspect. I think, they were not prepared to handle big venues like this since the problems that appeared was never solved.

2. Cosplayers

Woohoo ! Cosplayers are SO MUCH WIN ! I really love them. Of course, anime conventions wouldn’t be complete without them! Bad thing is I didn’t bring my cam during the event *sobs*. That’s why I only have a few photos taken with my cousin’s phone.

For the complete album of the photos I have taken, click here.

3. Figures

Damn, if I could earn all the money I want in just a short period of time, I will use them all buy all the figures I want. 😥 Soon, I will be collecting them and will be a part of my hobbies.


4. Booths

Aside from cosplayers, the booths are also one of the best and would complete your convention experience ! You can’t go home without buying anything from the booths ! I wasn’t able to take a picture of all the booths because there are just too many people that can’t stop moving around because the other people are pushing you.

5. Guests

*sobs really hard* *sobs even more* I was not able to earn money enough for an All Star VIP ticket. It was only enough for my vehicle expenses, shopping expenses and other stuff essential for me that day so  I felt depressed before the event since I really want to meet Ying Tze, JDoll, Yazi, Yannbyul, Aza and especially Misa. *sobs*

I was able to talk with other event goers who experience the All-Star VIP Pass about what happen to them together with the guest.  Let’s start with the priority line for VIPs. They told me that it was just like the normal line for the regular event goers. I was like the priority was not really present at all during the event. Next is the experience with the guest. All of the All-star VIP Pass, are allowed to take a solo and group photo with all the six guests. But the problem is, only four of them was present. The only present guests was Ying Tze, Yannbyul, Aza and JDoll. They were told that Misa and Yazi experienced problems, that’s why they weren’t present. To the people who were asking for a refund, the people in charge during the meet and greet told them that there is a “no refund, no exchange” policy and that even if the other two cosplayers weren’t present, their flight and accommodations were already paid for. Lastly, the 6pcs freebie 4R photos that were supposed to be signed on the spot. The VIP holders got the photos, but no signing happened. There was also no Q and A. They were told that they were too many and that if they went on with the program, they wouldn’t be able to finish. Overall, many of the VIP holders was not satisfied with service and was not treated properly. They paid a lot money just to see their favorite cosplayers, but they felt that they wasted money just because of their horrible experience.


Overall, it was an enjoyable event for me even though I was not able to experience the event to it’s finest. I just hope that the event goers was treated properly. The organizer should have expected the circumstance that they will face since they used a large venue and invited famous cosplayers. Up until now the Ozine organizers have not posted any official statements about the problems the con-goers have experienced, from the massive crowd lining up for the ticket to the unannounced price increase of the tickets. With this kind of behavior, it looks like these same problems will repeat itself on future events.