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Singapore Landmarks Featured on Plastic Memories

This is not rare but another anime again tries to recreate real life locations on their show. These pictures was originally posted on reddit, in which a user compared scenes spotted on the television series to real life places in Singapore.

Here are some of the places in Singapore that are featured in the show.

Hong Lim Complex


Hong Lim Complex in <i>Plastic Memories</i> anime (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Hong Lim Complex (Photo taken from: reddit)Hong Lim Complex (Photo taken from: reddit)

Chinatown MRT station


Chinatown MRT in<i> Plastic Memories</i> anime (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Chinatown MRT (Photo taken from: reddit)Chinatown MRT (Photo taken from: reddit)

Orchard Road, outside Wheelock Place


Orchard Road in <i>Plastic Memories</i> (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Orchard Road (Photo taken from: reddit)Orchard Road (Photo taken from: reddit)

Club Street, L’Angelus


Club Street, L'Angelus in <i>Plastic</i> <i>Memories</i> anime (Photo taken from: reddit)

Real Life

Club Street, L'Angelus (Photo taken from: reddit)Club Street, L’Angelus (Photo taken from: reddit)

Plastic Memories is a science-fiction series, set in the future, where androids that look exactly like humans begin to spread across the world. These androids have emotional, human-like qualities. However, due to limitations in technology, these androids have a service life and once that life is over, the android will go through technical changes. As such, a terminating service is created to retrieve all the androids that are nearing, or have gone, past their service life.

With Singapore’s high-rise buildings, modern infrastructure, and their nation’s plan to become a Smart Nation, this depiction hits quite close to their home.